Having clean windows will make your whole house shine, whether you just want to enjoy your view, having guests over for an event, or trying to sell your house. The windows are the focal point of a house.

Clean windows provide your entire home a visual improvement. Therefore, your windows can also make the entire area appear less clean if it has a layer of grime or dirt.

If you want to clean your windows by yourself instead of hiring professional window cleaning services in Gilbert, here are several do’s and don’ts you’ve got to keep in mind.

Do Focus on Hard Water Stains

Hard water leaves minerals on surfaces and glass. This will leave white marks and circles that can be hard to get rid of. It is ideal to not try to remove them on your own. It is very easy to scrape or scratch the glass if you do not have the right equipment. For those who don’t know, scratches and scrapes can’t be removed, unlike the hard water stains. An expert window cleaning company can remove hard water stains easily.

Do Not Depend on the Environment

There are several locations that don’t get a lot of rain. That’s the reason why salt, dust, and dirt can gather on windows. You may assume that it will just take care of that dirt whenever there’s finally a downpour. However, the truth is that rain will only make your window filthier.

This idea can also be applied if you are living in coastal places. The moisture coming from the ocean is not helping get rid of the sand or salt on your windows. In fact, it’s cementing it into a layer of dirt. Your house might require frequent cleaning to really be able to take advantage of your view.

Do Clean the Windows Last

It is best to save the windows for last if you are having any services done around your house, such as painting, power washing, or landscaping. The reason for this is that small maintenance can easily stir up dust and dirt. Of course, your cleaning will be useless whenever it lands on your windows. Also, it is crucial to understand that paint, drywall mud, or any abrasive chemicals can easily make their way into your windows if you are having any remodeling or construction work done on your house.

To prevent this, you should ask the contractor to cover and tape the windows.

Do Not Forget the Interior

Perhaps you are thinking that to save money, you will only have to hire a window cleaner for the exterior side of your windows. You will simply take care yourself the interior side of your windows. However, that isn’t ideal. The windows simply will not look clean if the interior is dirty and dusty, even if the exteriors are extremely clean. Keep in mind that a professional window cleaning company has all the right tools. You might leave streaks on your window if you try to clean it yourself.