Having a tree or a part of a tree lands on your residential property is very daunting. No matter how big or small the tree is, it can still cause damage to your property or an injury to your loved ones when it falls on your roof. Unfortunately, a lot of trees fall during extreme weather conditions such as storms or strong winds, and it really causes stress for property owners and safety problems for them as well. Keeping your cool and composure in an emergency situation like this is very tough.  

You may never know what to do exactly when there is a tree or even a part of a tree on the roof of your home, and it’s so easy to lose your cool. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why it is very important to have your trees professionally inspected by a tree maintenance service provider prior and after an extreme weather condition hits your area in order to make sure that you and your family, as well as your home, are all safe and sound. 

Leave Your Home Right Away 

Do not stay inside your house for a long period of time. Leave your home right away when you see it’s already safe outside. You and your family might get electrocuted because of exposed wiring or get hurt due to large debris. In addition to that, if your windows were damaged, it would actually expose you to even more hazard, so it’s best to leave your home while you still can and do not forget to take with you all the valuable items and necessary documents. 

Call the Right Emergency Personnel for Assistance When Needed 

If you are stuck inside your house or you feel not safe, call the right emergency personnel as soon as possible. When a tree lands on your roof while there is high wind or flood, it wouldn’t be safe for you to go outside by yourself. Trying to get outside of your home by yourself might not be the best choice you can have since you do not know what precisely will happen outdoors. There might be a hanging tree branch which you cannot see from the inside, that’s why asking assistance or rescue from the professionals is a must.  

Even though it can be tough to stay patient and calm in this kind of situation, you just need to wait for the rescue and also, avoid driving all by yourself during an extreme weather condition. Having said that, keep yourself updated on what is happening in your local area by following the local news over the radio or from a family member. 

Schedule a Professional Tree Removal Service 

If you are certain of everyone’s safety and you already know the whole condition of your residential property, that is the time that you need to call and set a schedule for a professional tree removal service provider such as tree service Boca Raton in order to tackle the job in a safe and proper manner.